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Mark Springer, solo piano concert -- Bologna Italy -- Press Coverage
















“In the spirit of how I work, I deliberately have little predetermined idea of what I will be playing in concert as I rely on a sense of space, urgency presence and a desire to create a completely new composition forged out of the moment in time, in that particular place.   This ‘spontaneous composition' is by its very nature a site-specific work and I am looking forward to making a new piece in the Laminarie theatre when I arrive in Bologna.


I was excited when I heard the Laminarie season was called ‘Contesto’.  My work relies upon and is founded in sense of place.   Whether that is isolated up a mountain, focused in a recording studio or engaged in the energy of a live performance.  Within any of the contexts I play; improvising, composing and recording I want to be alive to the particularity of the space I am in".